Change is good, right???

I’m sure you’ve heard people say “change is good”, I know I have. My question is how do you cope with change? At many points in our lives we are going to experience a shift or a change. Some are easy to accept, and move forward, while others really just have you questioning yourself. You wonder why the change occurred? is this going to be beneficial or detrimental to your life? How do you move forward with change? I find myself at this point today. I know why things have shifted the way they have, but it doesn’t mean I like it. Sometimes in order to move forward in your life you have to accept that with change comes a multitude of emotions and feelings. But after you’ve gone through all the back and forth of how and why, you will realize that you are still here. You are still surviving and moving another step forward. Everyday will not be easy, but the fact is you made it to the next day. It could be a good day, or it may be rougher than the one before but you are here. It’s all about finding the strength to keep moving towards your future. Sometimes change is temporary, other times permanent, but what I am learning is that how you handle the changes in your life determine there outcome. Some changes are necessary whether we realize it or not, and most of the time they occur to teach you a lesson-to prove to yourself just how strong you are. So today I am going to focus on my personal strength. I’m going to work on acceptance, and coping, and try my best to see the positive in the big shift. Find the positive in your change….among the negatives, there’s a positive outcome somewhere.

-Blaque Butterfly


Positive thinking furthers Successful Possibilities

Good Afternoon….I wanted to post something inspiring today. I wanted to emphasize the importance of positive thinking. Many times we look at situations in our lives and we focus on the negatives-the what could have been, or what may be in the future. What we don’t realize is that we are wasting so much time and energy focusing on the negative, that we are missing the positive occurring at that moment. It is true that our minds can play tricks on us. If we wake up and think we are going to have a day, and we speak that out of our mouth, then we will indeed have a bad day. The idea is to speak positivity into our lives. When it seems like everything around us is falling apart, recognize the beauty in the things that are going right in our lives. It is hard to do sometimes, trust me I know, but it so important that we keep our focus.  When you put aside all the negative thinking, you begin to see a world of possibilities. As you begin to stay and focus on the positive, you will start to see greatness in your future and your current situation.  You will also feel less stressed and overwhelmed when you keep positivity in your life-this includes the people around you. Nobody wants to have a negative Nelly hanging around them. Surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you. People who can push you further, when you’ve lost faith in yourself. And it may not be a group of people, it may just be one. But one positive person, is better than a group of negative individuals. So today find something beautiful and positive to dwell on and I promise you, you will have a successful and fulfilling day. 🙂