Momcation!!! (Mommy Vacation)

So I’ve decided to challenge myself to put aside $10-$15 a week, to save up for a mini mom-cation. Now as a mom, I know it can be very hard to get that few moments to yourself, but its VERY important. Even if you don’t get a whole day or weekend to yourself, still save up for something that is just for you. You are a mom and with that role comes many duties and responsibilities, so why not reward yourself? You work hard, you definitely deserve it.  Put a few dollars aside every week or every couple of weeks, to get your nails done, buy a new outfit, go to the spa, take a class or take an overnight trip. This is a great way to practice saving, and at the same time feel good knowing that you are working towards a goal. Remember you have everyone depending on you, but if you don’t take care of you, you are no good to the ones you love.

If you are interested in saving for a mom-cation, comment and lets see how far we get. In a few weeks I will post a follow up of how its going.

***There’s nothing wrong with “me” time…make YOU a priority***

Good luck everyone, and thanks for reading 🙂



I don’t call it terrible 2’s…it’s 2 year old madness!!!

So today it was another adventure in the world of a 2 year old. So during potty training time, my toddler took it upon herself to display her artistic skills around the house. And her choice of writing item? a SHARPIE!!! OMG…EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE. So after asking fellow moms, and googling for a solution online I tried hand sanitizer. To my surprise, it actually worked. So if you’re kid colors the walls with permanent marker, try hand sanitizer- it has an alcohol base and works fine. But before using this solution test it out in a small area to make sure that you are not removing paint from your surfaces. Well that was the highlight of my day, and I chose to share it all with you. Hope you’re day went a little smoother. Thanks for reading and check back for more posts. 🙂

-Blaque Butterfly

Kids just don’t know… Moms are superheroes we can see the future!!!

Today I’m posting with my mom hat on.  As a child, I never understood how my mom knew exactly what I was doing without physically being present or what I was going to do before I did it. I’ve finally figured it out, Moms are superheroes Duh!!! LOL. Kids today just don’t understand we are psychics. We know their thoughts, actions, and behaviors before they are even done! I can see through walls, I have eyes in the back of my head, and I can even predict the future. I’m better than Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and all my children’s favorite heroes. Unfortunately, not until they become parents will they FINALLY understand that they came from me, so they are me and I know EVERYTHING going on! Mommy moment #1000…just needed to get that out. If there are any mothers who can relate please feel free to comment and share.


-Mom of 6

The Unfashionable mom…it doesn’t have to be that way

One of the first type of changes that take place once you become a mom is your style of dress. No longer is it nice skinny jeans, heels, and stylish top…no we’ve now conformed to sweats or yoga pants, t-shirt and usually a pair of sneakers or flip flops. What has become of the old us? That is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. It just seems so much easier to be dressed in something that we don’t mind getting messy with baby food, spilled juice, or baby spit up. Why waste a good outfit, right? Wrong. It has taken me 6 kids later to realize that our appearance does dictate our moods and feelings. If we dress “bummy” or down, that tends to affect how we view ourselves and how others view us too. I’ve realized that it is okay to dress up a little, even if you are just running errands or hanging around the house. Throw on some leggings and a cute top, flats and a little make-up. Trust me hubby will definitely notice the change and then you’ve really started something 😉 It will also make you feel good about who you are and you will begin to feel motivated to do more. Life doesn’t have to stop with motherhood…go further do more. Go back to school, pursue a creative passion, begin a new business. There is so much life left in you, you just have to dig deep and remember the goals you once had. As I mentioned previously, I am about to be 30 and one thing I would like to work on this year is becoming a better, improved, version of myself. One way I plan to do this is to change my wardrobe completely. As parents our budgets aren’t what they used to be but we can still be fabulous and fashionable, within an affordable price range. I’m going to list some sites to check out…great outfits, dresses, pants, etc…for great prices.

and then there always the great bargain stores with high fashion for less: Marshall’s, Ross, Kohls, Old Navy and more. I hope this post has been encouraging and helpful to you, and please continue to check in for more.


Welcome to my world

Hello my  name is Blaque Butterfly and I’ve always had a passion for written expression. I decided to start this blog to just express my feelings and experience about my life. Often times we need an outlet to vent or just share our creativity and this is what I’ve chosen. First off I wear many hats in my life. I am wife, a mother of 6, and a college student…I know what you’re thinking WHAT?!? 6 kids? yes. Growing up as an only child I’ve seen how lonely it can be, and I just want my kids to always have that support system and bond with their siblings, as well as the friends they make in life. So on my blog you will read about relationships, parenting, balancing school and family, and of course everyday things such as fashion, entertainment, travel ideas etc… Like I said there’s a little of everything going on in my life and I just want share with others.