Fix the Crisis, Not Fuel the Drama


Oscar’s Boycott….we must redirect our focus. #FlintMatters

I have been thinking about writing this post for the last couple of days, and I’ve decided that I must do this. As an African-American woman, I can understand why there is such a HUGE uproar over the Oscar nominations snub. But I am very disheartened to see all the attention that the media is putting on this drama. I am someone who loves to listen to inspirational words, and follow celebrities who post motivational words of encouragement and so on. Recently, I had read about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s recent announcement that she would not be attending the Oscars this year, and Will Smith along with other black celebrities are standing by her in her stance. I’m all for it. But right now there is a crisis going on in Flint, Michigan. I feel that these celebrities need to use their notoriety and clout for something more…They already have the attention of the media, their voices are already out there, and being heard by so many. Instead of pushing this Oscar issue, and so-called trying to take a stance for injustice, they should use their clout, and even their finances to help those who REALLY are in a crisis. The need for recognition and acknowledgement for your skill in acting is SO mediocre right now. We can fight this battle at another time. People can lose their lives, children are sick and can be dying right now because they don’t have the luxury of something as simple as clean water to drink, cook, or bathe with. It’s time that those in the African-American community, who hold some power, use their celebrity for something more than just enhancing their bank accounts. Instead of wasting time and energy on the Oscar situation put it towards something that will matter and better the lives of others. Okay, so the Smiths are not going to the Oscars-that’s been well established. Take that day, and those before to go deliver water to these people who are in need of assistance. Go be with these families, and let them know that they are not forgotten. It is sickening to believe that something as simple as an award, gets more attention than human beings who are suffering from the lack of a natural resource, that we all have rights to. At this moment, the attention of many is misplaced.  It’s time to come together for a real reason, not just for fame. But to really do something that would benefit others, even if they are not in the same pay bracket or social class.  I really pray and hope that the residents of Flint, Michigan get the assistance they need, and that we as a people will stop glorifying the issues that seem so insignificant, in comparison to what is REALLY going on in our society.


6 thoughts on “Fix the Crisis, Not Fuel the Drama

    • I don’t think anyone cares either, and for those wasting time on this it is disheartening. There is too much time being wasted on mediocre matters, when there are people who’s lives are at risk. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment and I will read your take on this subject as well.

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  1. Princess Jasmine says:

    I agree. I don’t watch the Oscar’s anyway. But I also read that a town in L.A. has had the same water issue for the past 5 years! I think it’s pretty ridiculous of our elected officials don’t seem to care TOO much, but need our support, and the celebrities that claim to “love the people” so much, don’t show it in ways that actually count, Or they don’t take immediate action.


    • Exactly Princess Jasmine…its sad that the celebrities want to be acknowledged so much, but won’t even take the time to commit to a cause that matters-that can help people. People in their own areas, L.A. are dealing with the same issues right where they are and they can’t even support them. They have all the resources and means to do so, but wont. Our focus has to change really.


  2. Lex says:

    So true!!! I’m more disappointed in the media and news outlets than the celebrities though. This is not a new issue. They are barely talking about it and it has been an issue for over a year.


    • That’s what I don’t understand, why did it take so long for this issue to become news? I read that the pediatrician in the town notified the mayor and his team and for a week they told her she was wrong and everything was fine. But then those test results came out, and now they want to change their tune, and act all concerned. Its sad…these are people’s lives at stake.


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